Shopping Center Lease And Eviction

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Unique challenges arise in shopping centers because of the complex leasing structures needed to run these operations. Shopping centers are multi-tenant facilities that involve many more complicated considerations than the average landlord-tenant relationship. Accordingly, there are additional limitations that can give way to logistical and legal challenges, such as:

  • Tenant composition restrictions
  • Hours of operation requirements
  • CAM requirements
  • Landlord rights of attachment and garnishment
  • Ejectment and trespass claims

Resolving disputes over these matters requires a skilled lawyer. The Sarasota shopping center lease attorneys of Bentley & Bruning P.A. have experience handling these matters to the satisfaction of landlord and tenant clients. The attorneys develop unique litigation and budget strategies for each client.

The firm looks to set the bar high for professional and effective handling of business litigation matters. Businesses across southwest Florida trust the representation of Bentley & Bruning P.A. for a range of commercial litigation and dissolution matters. The founding partners have more than 30 combined years of complex litigation experience and a record of success.

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