Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law In Sarasota

As commercial landlord and tenant issues become progressive and more complex, the legal issues involved in a dispute or procedural issue instantly become much more complicated. The commercial litigators at Bentley & Bruning P.A. advocate for commercial tenants in Southwest Florida and offer a wealth of experience. The partnering attorneys have more than 35 years of business and real estate litigation experience and are respected amongst their peers.

Representation For Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes And Related Issues

The issues that commercial landlords and tenants face are completely separate from the issues that residential clients face. At Bentley & Bruning P.A., the team represents commercial clients only. The lawyers are highly knowledgeable of common issues that arise, including:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Special assessments
  • Commercial leases
  • Tax and insurance issues
  • Evictions

The commercial landlord-tenant attorneys in Sarasota at Bentley & Bruning P.A. recognize the importance of being able to identify and resolve legal issues in an efficient manner. The team offers comprehensive representation and can advise on issues ranging from lease drafting to evictions. Clients retain the services of Bentley & Bruning P.A. with high expectations, and the team at the firm is committed to delivering results.

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