Restaurant Partnership Dissolution

Every industry faces difficult and unique business challenges. The founding partners of Bentley & Bruning P.A. built a litigation practice focused on resolving complex business challenges. The legal team has ample experience helping a range of businesses face these issues. They know that restaurants face challenges pertaining to space, equipment and cash flow, and they have experience successfully resolving each of these challenges. The firm knows that keeping the doors open is an immediate concern when any legal dispute arises involving a restaurant.

Restaurant Liquor License Issues Attorneys

A liquor license challenge is just one variable that can impact a restaurant's success. The physical space of a restaurant's building can present a host of additional problems, including challenges related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. There may also be a range of inventory issues involving either large amounts of perishable products in-house or valuable inventory like wine cellars.

Disagreements over cash flow can compound these challenges. The attorneys of Bentley & Bruning P.A. handle the forensic accounting issues and all other challenges associated with dissolving a restaurant partnership.

Sarasota restaurant partnership dissolution lawyers Morgan R. Bentley and Kevin R. Bruning have a record of success. Businesses across southwest Florida trust the representation of this respected firm for handling a range of commercial litigation and dissolution matters. The founding partners have more than 30 combined years of complex litigation experience and a record of success.

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